I’m feeling excited, nervous, anxious and overwhelmed

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By the time you read this I’ll have left the comfy confines of Portsmouth in search of pastures new. They may be temporary, but a heck of a journey lies before me. I’m excited, nervous, anxious and overwhelmed all at the same time.

We were due to set off yesterday for South Africa. First stop Cape Town.

Staying at the Twelve Apostles near Table Mountain (not too shabby!), we are literally hitting the ground running with zero time to acclimatise or get over jet lag as filming was beginning today.

We’re shooting a new TV series called A Vegetarian Abroad which, funnily enough, is about me being a vegetarian and abroad!

It’s about exploring new cultures, destinations and people and how food plays a central role in their lives.

I’ve been an avid veggie since I was seven and, let me tell you, it’s slim pickings when you’re on holiday.

Covering a meal in cheese or putting some basil garnish on the side is not what I call an imaginative dish. This, my friends, is what the show is about!

From Cape Town we travel to the stunning Grootbos nature reserve in Hermanus where we’ll be taking advantage of some tours and excursions.

Despite partner Matt’s pleas, I will NOT be taking part in a cage shark dive. The only way I’d ever do that would be to raise a considerable amount for charity.

I think I’ll opt to sit on the side of the boat – which is scary enough!

I’ll update you guys along the way about the trials and tribulations of our trip.

I’m sure there’ll be many of them as we make our way around the world, visiting four continents in just under four months.

If you want to keep up to date with our whereabouts, please follow me on Twitter at @A_Vegetarian_Abroad and @GobbyGibbs.

I am worried about one thing though – being homesick! I’m terrible. Up until the age of about 14, I used to run away from my friends’ sleepovers because I missed my parents so much.

They used to find me hiding behind our aviary in the back garden. How pathetic was I? Well I won’t be able to run home this time!

Scary stuff, but how exciting.