I’m getting fed up waiting for my phablet to arrive

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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I’m really not fussed about the latest fashions. I’m more than happy with last year’s styles at knock-down prices.

I’m the same with cars. I’d rather my wheels are a couple of years old than brand new, covered in cellophane and then worth £3,000 less as soon as it’s torn off and the car is driven.

But the same cannot be said when it comes to gadgets and technology. It has to be the most up-to-date available to keep me happy.

For years I’d look at friends’ Apple devices with an air of jealousy.

The Apple Mac computer was for the serious professional compared to an ordinary PC.

It had clever design with simple but powerful operational qualities.

When the iPod was first released, I just had to join that elite club.

This was an uber-cool device that looked as good as it was easy to use.

The iPhone took Apple to the next level and I ditched my mobile for the first-ever smartphone in an instant.

I went overboard.

An iPad and a MacBook later, I’ve moved fully over to the bright side – or so I thought.

It has taken them a while, but the others have slowly caught up.

So much so that I admit I now look longingly at a Samsung ‘phablet’, as they are called.

It’s a larger phone, but smaller than an iPad, giving you the best of both worlds.

I’m still using my small and increasingly slow iPhone 4 and look on in envy.

Is Apple losing its bite? Was I wrong to put all my eggs in one basket?

I waited and waited and let the iPhone 5 go by in readiness to upgrade to the iPhone 6 phablet.

It launched early September, so I ordered mine late September.

The problem is that it’s now the end of October and I’m still awaiting delivery. I called again expectantly, only to be told it might be another two weeks before I see my phablet.

What? Two months after launch and I still won’t have it?

As friends with Android phones play with their latest technology, laughing at my long, painful wait for mine, I so hope it’s worth it!