I’m going to have to cook for my sister this weekend

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Ever since I got back from my travels around the world filming a documentary, I’ve been getting some flak from my family about the amount of times I invite them over for dinner.

You see, we’re a sociable bunch us Gibbses and my oldest sister Jo has functions and gatherings at her house all the time.

I would point out she has a much bigger house with a large garden, which clearly makes hosting a lot easier.

I’m always one of those in the family wanting to organise things and get together. We spent our entire childhood with our aunties and uncles, nans and grandads and have always been very close.

This hasn’t diminished as we’ve got older but, although I’m usually the one trying to get everyone to meet up, it’s rarely at my house .

All right, I admit it, it’s never at my house and I blame my partner Matt for this (I can’t blame myself now, can I?)

He’s always saying our house is too small, and we don’t have a dining room, suggesting that it’s not nice for people to eat on a tray on their laps (works for me).

We also have a tiny courtyard for a garden, which means BBQs or outside luncheons aren’t really an option either.

But I shouldn’t blame Matt entirely – I kind of agree with him and, let’s face it, if you can go to someone else’s, why wouldn’t you? Sshhh, don’t tell.

Anyway, I got into trouble at the weekend because I invited Matt’s brother, Joe, and his fiancé, Keshia, round for a roast dinner.

They’ve recently had a baby and so we decided to cook a nice Sunday meal and have them all over.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t expect my sister to turn up out of the blue for a cuppa. We’re like that in our family – you can just pop round.

But she hasn’t done this for a while – usually because we’re always out. Of course, this particular Sunday she just pops over, walks into the kitchen and sees the remains of what was a delicious roast with all the trimmings and Matt’s brother and family sitting comfortably in the lounge, eating their two-cake dessert.

She was polite, but gave me one of her ‘looks’. Needless to say, I’ll be cooking and hosting again this weekend!