I’m having a testing time trying to use blood glucose level kit

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Listen folks, I’ve been having trouble with the blood glucose level kits supplied to people with type 2 diabetes (that’s me).

Prick a finger, blob of blood on testing strip, pop into glucose meter, registers your blood glucose level. Easy!

Except my podgy little digits don’t want to be pricked.

Let’s try a knee. Huh! I ended up like a ruddy pin cushion.

So I gave up – I’m a wimp.

There’s a free type 2 diabetes magazine at Tesco at the moment.

Or go to your doctor or visit diabetes.org.uk/

Diabetes is called ‘the silent killer’ – don’t let it be you.

And now to the woman who has been an inspiration to me, local author Dee Williams.

I met Dee years ago at the Havant & District Writers’ Circle.

I used to take my half-written stories and articles, and was in complete awe of the other writers there.

Dee saw a spark in me and would nag me (still does) to write my books.

Eventually in 2002 I wrote my first column for The News (yes, I’m in my 11th year).

But I still had every excuse not to write books – living in domestic violence, homeless, ill health, broke, dad died and recently coping with Ma’s dementia.

Last week I spoke to Dee, saying that at last I’m making a start.

I admire Dee Williams, because she never gave up on herself.

She left school at 14, married at 20, and had two daughters.

She used to write stories and read them to her little girls.

Dee then decided to send stories and articles to publishers – ALL were rejected.

It wasn’t until her girls had grown up and she was living in Spain that she decided to write again.

Her first book was published in 1990, and her 22nd family saga style novel will be published this year.

Not bad eh! Never give up.

I know it’s the 11th hour folks, but if you’d like to meet the delightful lady, Dee will be at Rowans Book Shop in Marmion Road, Southsea today from 2pm-4pm.