I’m hoping that The Hobbit can live up to all the hype

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So I may not be at home, but that doesn’t stop my thirst for all the latest showbiz gossip!

I couldn’t believe the pictures of the world premiere of Peter Jackson’s new movie The Hobbit.

Apparently 100,000 people turned up in Wellington as the stars arrived on the red carpet. I can’t wait to see it.

Whether the new film beats the Lord of the Rings movies remains to be seen, but the hype surrounding it has been incredible, so I really hope that it lives up to all that buzz.

I’ve going to have to try and see it while I’m on my travels. I’d be the worst showbiz journo in the world if I couldn’t bring you my opinions on such important matters!

Oh, and don’t judge me, but I still haven’t seen the final Twilight yet. Shame on me!