I’m inspired by Nadiya but not enough to start baking

Nadiya Hussain from The Great British Bake Off
Nadiya Hussain from The Great British Bake Off
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You have to have passion for baking and I don’t, I enjoy watching the contestants’ culinary disasters

However, he is a trifle irritating at times and there have been moments when I have wanted to bash him over the head with a rolling pin but on the plus side at least he is some eye candy for us ladies of a certain age.

I really enjoyed the Great British Bake Off although it didn’t inspire me to want to get out my mixing bowl and whip up a frenzy in the kitchen at any time soon.

I think you have to have real passion for baking and I don’t; I just enjoy watching the contestants’ culinary disasters when it all goes pear-shaped, and the wit of Mel and Sue who are a great comic double act.

Unfortunately the finale was a bit of a damp squib and turned out to be a one-horse race really. Contestants Tamal and Ian failed to wow the judges in the last round and I cannot believe three-time star baker Ian actually forgot to put the sugar in his crème patisserie – what a dough dough.

It turned out that Nadiya – she of the hilarious gurning faces – had the perfect iced buns and also walked the technical challenge with her exquisite mille-feuille; that’s cream puffs if you didn’t know.

The final showstopper cakes were a bit of a disappointment considering the creative masterpieces in previous series.

Nad’s big fat wedding cake was simply boring and she has even said herself that Tamal’s sticky toffee cake – inspired apparently by an abandoned Chinese fishing village, but looking more like a spider’s web to me – was more stunning.

After being crowned the winner of the sixth series Nadiya gave a tear-jerking speech which even had hardcore Mary shedding a few tears as she said she was never going to place boundaries on herself: ‘I’m never gonna say I can’t do it. I’m never going to say “maybe”, never going to say “I don’t think I can”. I can and I will.’

There’s an inspiring message for us all there although I won’t be purchasing a mixer or donning an apron. I don’t really ‘knead’ to as long as there is microwave cake in a mug and butterscotch Angel Delight!