I’m not a Suzy Homemaker, but I can decorate cupcakes

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It’s no secret that I’m not what the Americans call a ‘Suzy Homemaker’. You know, one of those girls who are a dab hand at baking, cleaning etc.

That’s so not me. It’s not that I don’t try, because I do, but it’s just not in my make-up to be that domesticated.

In our house it’s Matt who does most of the cleaning and the household chores. Okay, make that almost all of them.

But I do attempt cooking and am not completely terrible at it. It’s just baking that I struggle with.

Until now, that is! I visited Cakes o’Licious in Cosham this week for a cupcake-piping lesson.

Hanli, owner of the shop and baker extraordinaire, gave me a private lesson on how to ice my cupcakes. I have to say I was mega impressed by my efforts, even if I say so myself.

My mum actually called me to clarify whether said photo was genuine. Seriously, I’m not that bad am I?

Hanli was an excellent teacher and clearly saw the glee on my face when I actually managed to pipe something that half resembled a ‘whippy’ or a ‘rose’ on the top of my cake.

I was genuinely so excited by what I had made that I didn’t want to ruin it by eating it, so Hanli let me have hers. My cunning plan succeeded (haha, only kidding Hanli).

I was there a good few hours and throughout my lesson I learned a variety of techniques that would equip me, Cheryl Gibbs, with the skills needed to become a successful baker.

Okay, I admit I have a while to go yet before Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood need to worry, but it was a good start.

After taking several pictures of my cupcakes and plastering them everywhere across social media (which wouldn’t have happened if they’d turned out as I thought they were going to), my mum rang me and said my sister Jo had laughed her head off when she saw them.

Apparently, she declared: ‘There’s no way Cheryl decorated them, she’s so clumsy.’

My mum actually called me to clarify whether said photo was genuine. Seriously, I’m not that bad am I?

Well Jo, I have the proof because I filmed the lot for my YouTube channel (go to portsmouth.co.uk to watch it).

Ha – now who has the last laugh?