I’m not afraid of attempting some do-it-yourself surgery

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Do-it-yourself medical procedures are certainly not something I’d recommend.

But we do hear stories of people having to treat themselves.

It’s ridiculous how some of the most minor injuries can cause the most pain and discomfort. How I managed to damage both my thumbs on the same day is also stupid.

We had a lovely weekend in Brighton. It was our last away as a couple before baby’s arrival.

Brighton still has plenty of charm, but I feel it’s slowly turning into Blackpool.

But not even 200 English Defence League protesters arriving from London and 600 anti-EDL campaigners, plus assorted riot police, were going to spoil our weekend.

As the last of the showers eased, sunshine greeted us in Chichester as we stopped off at a supermarket to get some provisions.

How I managed to close my rear car door on my thumb I don’t know. The pain was instant and intense.

I managed not to scream and a look confirmed the tip was still there but very, very bruised.

Searing pain, then throbbing was the order of the day and painkillers wouldn’t touch it.

Sadly, when trying to remove a pill from its wrapper, I managed to ram the plastic up behind my other thumbnail. More pain.

You don’t release how important your thumb is. Try undoing your jeans buttons when requiring a refreshment break.

Stubbing your thumb is so easy too. I must have knocked it more than a dozen times.

It now looks like I’ll need to release the pressure on the blackened thumbnail with a red hot needle.

Don’t worry, I’ve done this before. After kicking the stud of an opponent’s football boot, I released the pressure on my toenail with a drill bit.

I’ve tackled ingrowing toenails, lanced an infected boil on my leg and removed a very painful verruca on my foot after treatment failed.

I may complain about my sore thumb and get called a wuss a few times. But I’m not afraid to sort out the injury myself!