I’m off out on the town - but I don’t know what I can wear

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I’m not quite sure what I’m going to be able to wear tomorrow night.

I’m off out on the town (yeah baby) with some girlfriends (it’s been a long time coming chicks) and although I’ve shaved off the odd inch or two thanks to recent exercise to look good in a little dressy number, I have an enormous cut on my knee which was due to a workout.

As I was climbing (for the 20th time – seriously, no kidding) the concrete steps on Castle Field, physically shattered I collapsed on the final lap and cracked my knee on one of the steps.

It bled rather badly, leaving me with a huge horrible scab – certainly not fit for a skimpy dress.

So although I may look visibly slimmer, the workouts have literally ruined my Saturday night outfit!