I’m off to the Caribbean, but it’ll be all work and no play

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By the time you read this, hopefully with a nice cup of tea in your hand or perhaps after your Friday night takeaway, I shall be in the air travelling to Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean for work.

For some reason, no matter how much I protest to people that I’m not going away on holiday and will actually be working my backside off filming for a travel series, they don’t quite believe me.

But I can assure you what I’ll be doing over the next 10 days is work, work and, yes, more work – just in a very nice setting!

We’re going to be spending two nights on the mainland at the Royal West Indies Resort before getting a boat and going to the Parrot Cay resort, where we’ll spend four nights.

Before coming home we’re then going to the Cayman Islands for a couple of nights to film an extra episode there, so I won’t get back until next Sunday.

I can see why people don’t particularly empathise with me when I say it’s a work trip and not a holiday. But anyway, I shall report back next week as to how the trip went.

I’m just keeping my fingers and toes crossed that there’ll be at least an hour in a day where I can chill and soak up the delights of the destination. But going on previous experience, I doubt it!

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I can see why people don’t particularly empathise with me when I say it’s a work trip and not a holiday

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