I’m so proud that local lad Colin is tipped for a gong

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Well, I’m certainly back to reality now. It was only a week ago that I landed in sunny Blighty after my American trip and I have that post-holiday syndrome where you feel like you’ve never been away.

You know the one, where you’ve seen everyone, showed the holiday snaps around and reminisced one too many times about how great the holiday was.

Then life just smacks you round the face in the form of a bank statement that comes through the door.

Oops. I’m not sure I should even go there for fear that my mum will read this and subsequently lecture me on being so irresponsible as to spend all my money on a 10- day trip to the US of A just three weeks after Christmas.

Oh well, I’m going to put it down to the joys of having no responsibility - well no children to drain my funds anyway.

I’m happy to accept the fact that I had an amazing time, but will more than likely spend the next six months paying for that coffee I had in Central Park and the Camaro we hired to take us to Las Vegas instead of opting for the cheaper version of public transport.

Anyway, moving on to more important things. What about the Oscars?

How exciting it is this year – even more so because a local lad is tipped to be the big winner at this year’s ceremony, which takes place in under three weeks’ time.

Colin Firth is from Winchester and I’m extremely proud that someone from ‘up the road’ in our county is tipped to take home a gong for his role in The King’s Speech.

I’m yet to see this critically-acclaimed film because unless its a gruesome thriller or about Zombies, then my other half Matt just isn’t that interested.

So that means I have a whole long list of ‘girls night in’ films I need to catch up on, with The King’s Speech leading the way.

Colin Firth is meant to be amazing in his portrayal of King George VI and I’m over the moon that he’s finally being recognised.

I think he’s great and has that old English sterotypical charm that people from all over the world think we all have over here. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Fingers crossed for you, Colin.