‘I’m still not sure I want my life put on TV for all to see’

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I never liked the title Child Genius.

There are lots of kids cleverer than me. I’m just quite clever and inquisitive.

But Child Genius seemed like fun. They put brainteasers on the web and I scored a high mark.

After a questionnaire and a telephone call (or 10) I was finally invited to a ‘fun test day’.

About 1,800 of us across the country were whittled down to 200 and interviewed on camera. Headachey and tense, but mostly happy, I left.

That’s when I thought, ‘Hey – I might actually be on TV!’

Then I found out Channel 4 wanted to do a competition and film in our homes!

I’m still not sure I want any embarrassing things I say and my personal life to be available on YouTube for all eternity.

I’ve learned that TV edits real life to make it entertaining. And I don’t like the competition element.

Can’t they ‘celebrate intelligence’ without setting us against each other to make popular TV?

But I hoped I’d meet some interesting kids, and I did.

It was fun at times, but it used up a lot of holiday and weekends.

We had to sit still for hours, and I was told off for reading a comic in the studio!

There was also loads of studying, memorising lists of stuff. I found that boring and I didn’t work as hard as I could have.

So I’ve also learned that if I want to achieve something, I may have to do things I don’t enjoy!

So Child Genius taught me some things about TV, and some about myself.

My fee for doing it was £1. And they still haven’t paid me!

· Child Genius is on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm.