I’m surprised that the figures for cartoon deaths aren’t a lot worse

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A new study of cartoons suggests that animated characters are more than twice as likely to be killed off as actors in movies aimed at a grown-up audience!

Research suggests that children’s cartoons are more violent than films aimed at adults.

Cartoons released between 1937 and 2013 were described as ‘rife with death and destruction’.

But I’m surprised these figures for cartoon character deaths aren’t worse.

If you think about it, there are loads of cartoon characters that are still alive that really ought to be dead.

How about these:

n Homer Simpson – he works in a nuclear power plant, is overweight and has the unhealthiest lifestyle you can think of. He really ought to have died of a heart attack by now.

n All the characters from Wacky Races - with the number of car crashes on that show most of the characters ought to have died within a few weeks of it launching.

n Scooby Doo & Shaggy - they’ve come across so many crooks and have been scared witless by them that I’m amazed they’ve not had a fatal coronary or been killed by the crooks they’ve tried to catch.

n Fred Flintstone - he lives in a world populated by dinosaurs. How he has never been eaten by one of them is amazing.

n Yosemite Sam - someone who carries that many guns and goes shooting them all the time is bound to get shot dead himself.

n Road Runner - with the amount of traffic on American roads, surely he ought to have been run over by now.