I’m thankful for live pause TV

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Once upon a time there were just four television channels to choose from.

Okay, I know that there were even fewer before that, but as far back as I can remember there were four.

In those days there was no such thing as a Sky+ box where you can record, rewind and pause live TV.

I wonder how any parent managed to watch their favourite programmes in full from start to finish.

The other day my two daughters decided to do some colouring together, which gave me the perfect opportunity to sit down with a cup of coffee on my left, the remote control on my right and the television right in front of me.

But as soon as I got comfy I heard the cry of ‘Daaaaaaaaaad’. Up I got to go and sort the problem. A few moments after I parked myself back on the sofa I was called again, this time to settle an argument over who got to use the purple felt tip.

I must’ve been up and down about 20 times. Thanks goodness we live in 2015 where you can pause live TV!