I may be a Kingston now, but in Pompey I’m a Gibbs

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I’ve finished working in London now – for the time being anyway.

I finished last Saturday and the TV project ended with me making a piece on Titanic, which featured as the highest-grossing disaster movie in our countdown.

I guess it would just feel weird to me to not be Gobby Gibbs in Portsmouth

If you fancy watching the result, it will be on Channel Five tomorrow at 10pm. Make sure you watch out for the end credits as for the first time it will say ‘Cheryl Kingston’ as opposed to ‘Cheryl Gibbs’.

I often get asked why I’m still called Gibbs at the top of this column despite now being married. Why haven’t I changed it? Well, I guess it would just feel weird to me to not be Gobby Gibbs in Portsmouth.

It’s okay in London because people don’t have that connection to me there. I’m not saying it would be a big deal to change my name to Kingston, it just feels like when I’m in Portsmouth I’m a Gibbs.

Anyway, I’ve decided to split it – all the time I’m TV presenting or writing my column, I’m a Gibbs.

That way, the years of content I’ve built up online stays active and present when you type my name into Google.

Meanwhile I’ll be a Kingston for TV producing and directing work. I think that’s a very fair compromise.

My husband Matt is more excited about seeing his name at the end of the credits than watching the mastery that is my creative production. Ha ha.

So last Saturday was my last day on the production and I celebrated by attending the Rachel Griffin charity ball at the Royal Maritime Club in Portsmouth, raising money for the Rowans Hospice and Football For Cancer.

It was a fab evening and I’d highly recommend it. It was a shame though because by the time I got in from London after being delayed on the tracks (well obviously, I had somewhere to be so of course there would be rail trouble), then waited for the taxi that turned up 30 minutes later than I booked it, the meal had already been served and eaten and mine was sat under a hot plate.

Still, it was really yummy. I also loved the fact we had to dress up properly – suits and posh frocks. Matt wore his wedding suit and I wore a dress that has been sat in my wardrobe for three years – I finally had somewhere to wear it!