I might work in world of TV, but I’m very down-to-earth

COMMENT: Attraction will capitalise on the riches in our midst

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I’ve got to start this week by thanking reader Jane Holland for e-mailing me about my last column.

If you recall, I wrote about me deciding it’s about time my fiancé and I started thinking about getting married.

My mum had laughed at me when I announced that we didn’t intend to spend more than £10,000.

She reckoned that was almost impossible these days.

But I did some research at various venues and was hoping I could organise something special within a £10,000 budget.

Well, Jane got in touch to say she felt ‘irritated’ by what I’d said.

She asked why we couldn’t simply go down to the local register office to get married and have a meal somewhere afterwards.

That wouldn’t cost anywhere near £10,000.

Good question Jane. But whilst I apologise for irritating you, I’d like to say it’s not that I want to have a glitzy and glamorous, lavish wedding.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

People often mistake me for being like that because of working in the world of TV, but it’s just not true.

I’m a Portsmouth girl and probably one of the most modest and down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet.

So I certainly don’t have any crazy ambitions to have the ‘wedding of the century’, whatever the eventual cost.

But when I was talking to people about it and told them that I wasn’t prepared to get into debt for our wedding and really wouldn’t want to spend very much on it – because to me it’s about us giving vows of commitment to each other, not the money – everyone said it couldn’t be done.

I agree with Jane that there’s really no reason why we can’t have a modest wedding.

I’ve been with Matt for 14 years and whilst everyone else around us has either got married, or is getting married abroad, Matt and I have stayed as we were when we met.

For me, it’s about having a wedding that we want and within a budget we can afford.

And you can rest assured that budget won’t be anywhere near £10k.