I never bonded with the church

Heather says Druids are a group who are at one with nature
Heather says Druids are a group who are at one with nature

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Last Sunday I was rustling through the bushes and wandering up and down a playing field in Portsmouth calling out to dogwalkers: ‘Excuse me, have you seen a group of people in long robes ?’

I was trying to locate the Genesis Order of Druids,who were performing the Alban Eiler (Spring Equinox) ceremony in Tangier Road that day.

As you know folks, I was brought up by my Roman Catholic fire and brimstone Scots gran and educated at a private convent school (yes me).

So I had eternal damnation and God wouldn’t want me for a sunbeam if I didn’t behave morning, noon and night. That’s what I was told anyway.

Therefore I never really bonded with the church.

But my dear dad had a fascination with the Bible and Chariot of the Gods, a thought-provoking book written by Eric Von Daniken that theorised God was an astronaut visiting from another planet.

In my mid-teens, Dad and I would have discussions about religion, and it was that influence that led me to question and query all forms of beliefs, both orthodox and the old religions.

Anyway, back to Sunday. I eventually found the Archdruid, and was invited to watch their ceremony.

I really enjoyed it, Pagans celebrate the Goddess and are at one with nature.

Some of the charm and calm of the words chanted was quite beautiful, and I felt at peace with the world. That doesn’t happen often, I can tell you.

Earlier in the day, I had caught the last 10 minutes of a debate on BBC1 about women bishops in the Church of England.

It appears that some of the more traditional C of E clergy do not want women as bishops, as it’s not in the teaching in the Bible.

But recent reports state that 64 per cent of the UK population are renouncing orthodox religion.

So I have a suggestion for those men of the cloth who are stuck in the past.

If you want to put more posteriors on pews, think again on the issue of women bishops.