I owe a big apology to Simon Dupree and the Big Sound

Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

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How crass of me, in my recent round-up of Portsmouth people who have made it big in the world of popular music, to have left out Simon Dupree and the Big Sound.

My omission hit home after reading Chris Owen’s feature in The News on Dave Allen and Mick Cooper’s splendid new book, Pompey Pop Pix. The Shulman brothers were reluctant to record the song Kites because it was not their preferred style, but their manager insisted – and it became a top 10 hit in the Sixties.

As Chris also mentioned, on a tour of Scotland in 1967 the group hired a keyboard player called Reg Dwight (aka Elton John). Later Simon Dupree became Gentle Giant, with a more progressive rock style. Once again, apologies for leaving them out.