I plan to eat and drink my body weight on holiday

I'm so blooming excited because this time next week I shall be sunning myself on a beautiful beach.

Friday, 17th June 2016, 6:01 am
Cheryl Gibbs

Yep, deliciously exotic and calorific cocktails are on the way because I’m going on holiday, baby!

I’m going away to Bulgaria for my sister Jo’s 40th birthday. There’s a load of us going, including my mum, my sisters, other family and my best friend Denise – and I can’t wait.

I’ve just finished working on the BBC One daytime series Close Calls, which is currently being shown (shameless plug), so it’s the perfect time to get away and get some rays.

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I plan to eat and drink my body weight during the seven days we’re on holiday.

Apart from when we went on my hen do to Morocco last year (when I was relatively good because of needing to fit in my wedding dress), I tend to just completely let myself go on holiday and really don’t hold back.

If I want three creamy cocktails followed by an enormous plate of cheesy nachos, then I’ll have them.

So, needless to say I’ve stapled my mouth shut this week. Well, almost.

I’ve done another three-day fruit diet, which was a killer, but at least it’s stood me in good stead for the inevitable calories that are to come.

I’m also super-excited because tomorrow our best friend Russell gets married at the Square Tower in Old Portsmouth and we’re so happy for him.

My husband Matt’s his best man and between us we’ve been prepping the speech.

No-one else will quite understand it, mind you. It’s kind of one of those speeches that only Russell will get, but I think he’ll love it and I can’t wait for Matt to get up there and do it. If nothing else, my husband is inventive.

God knows what my auntie Sandy (who we’re currently living with) must have thought as we rehearsed his speech in the conservatory.

It took nearly three hours and I wish I could divulge what Matt was doing.

But as the wedding is tomorrow, I’m afraid I can’t risk someone in his family reading this and giving the game away.

I promise everybody this, though – it will be interesting!


I did my A-Levels at South Downs College, which is where I met fellow drama student Chris Wilkins-Nelson.

As is often the case, life has got in the way and we haven’t really stayed in touch since then.

But the power of Facebook has meant we’ve reconnected and I’m delighted to see he’s followed his passion for theatre.

He’s one of the talents behind the new musical production Eugenius.

It stars Warwick Davis, David Bedella and Amy Lennox and I’m thrilled for Chris.

I love the fact there is so much talent coming out of the south.

Eugenius has its premiere at the London Palladium on June 29. If you can, go and see it.


My cousin Alex, whose family I’m currently living with in Swanmore, organised a charity football match that was played last weekend.

It was to raise money for Rising Stars of Africa, a charity which supports under-privileged children through sport and education.

I’m incredibly proud of him, not least because to date he has raised more than £700 for the charity.

This is an amazing feat and the money will undoubtedly go far in helping those that need it most.

His side also won the game 8-7.

I have to say that, although I don’t usually go to football matches, I was rather entertained by the game – not least because Alex scored a fab goal.

Well done Alex, great effort.