I really want my niece to grow up thinking of others

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One week to go until Christmas Day! Who else is excited?

I can’t wait.

Do you know what I love about crimbo more than anything?

Although she’s only young I think it’s important that she understands that not every child is as lucky as she is

It’s that bubble you’re in, for the time from about Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve, where you kind of forget what day it is.

All you really need to remember is what family or friend you’re going to visit that day because someone is always doing something – or at least that’s what it’s like in our circle.

But for a lot of people it isn’t like this and I’m very aware of how the festive holidays affect some.

Ever since I was a child I’ve always tried to do my bit for charity. I try to think about others and it pains me to see people homeless on the streets of our city.

It isn’t just these people who are suffering though. There are countless families who struggle to put food on the table, let alone be able to afford to buy presents to swop on Christmas morning.

So as you get wrapped up (literally) in the preparations for your Christmas, please spare a thought for these people – there are more than you’d imagine.

I wanted to encourage my seven-year-old niece to start thinking about this.

So whilst my husband Matt took our nephew Lewie to the football last Saturday, I took Hollie down to Commercial Road in Portsmouth for a spot of shopping. Not for us, but for a little girl who needs a present in the city.

Although she’s only young I think it’s important that she understands that not every child is as lucky as she is.

I thought giving her some money to buy things for someone her own age was a good way of starting this kind of conversation.

I didn’t want to tell her too much – after all, she’s only a child and should retain her innocence for as long as possible – but she did get the message that she is one lucky girl and how important it is to think of others.

I’ve also been collecting food to give to a food bank in Portsmouth and my very generous mother-in-law gave two huge bags full. Thanks Jackie.

Whatever you’re doing for Christmas, have a safe and happy one and I’ll see you in 2016!