I reckon 2013 will go down as the best-ever summer

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Could this go down as the best summer of all time? As much as the year 1976 means the hottest-ever summer to those who were there, will 2013 denote the greatest-ever summer?

In 30 years’ time, will we all be recalling how amazing this summer was?

The sun always shone and the world was looking on as the country overflowed with pride.

Let me explain. After a very cold winter and a chilly spring, ‘flaming June’ didn’t live up to its name. But I knew something was in the offing.

Didn’t I say a few months ago in a previous column how 1976 started off really cold and many places had snow at Easter – just like this year?

The reason 2013 may top 1976 is because of events that have happened during July. It all started with Andy Murray winning Wimbledon as the heatwave began.

The grass looked scorched and the crowd boiled, using programmes as fans and gaining some small respite by wearing novelty Union Flag hats.

As the temperatures rose, Britain celebrated its second high-profile sporting achievement when Chris Froome won the Tour de France.

No UK winner in the history of the race, then two come along, just like buses. The French must be seething!

Cricket’s Ashes series returned to these shores and in the sunshine England humbled arch rivals Australia.

And then the event that sealed the deal, making this the greatest-ever summer.

Sky News and the BBC camped outside the front door of a hospital in London, with presenters such as Kay Burley managing to talk about nothing but the royal baby for hours on end.

Boy, I bet there’s never a silent moment in the Burley household.

Finally, the baby arrived. As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge emerged to show off their little bundle of joy to the world, how we all filled with pride at the sight.

During our two-week holiday in France we were surprised at how many people were wearing either clothes or emblems depicting the Union Flag.

People, it’s time to hold our heads high, because right now we really are Cool Britannia.