I reckon daydreaming can actually boost productivity

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Hello? Is there anyone there?’ I get this said to me quite often, accompanied by a snap of the fingers and a big sigh. You see, I’m a bit of a daydreamer, always have been.

At school every report card I got had ‘Ashley needs to concentrate on her work and stop daydreaming’ scribbled across it.

How can you drop off to sleep when you’re fantasising you’re a rock star?

I still haven’t grown out of it all these years later. In today’s fast-paced world, where we do our best to be more productive than ever, it isn’t the most appealing trait.

It is looked upon negatively because it represents ‘non-doing’. These days we seem to be under constant pressure to achieve, produce and succeed.

Daydreaming is characterised as your head floating above the clouds, just like a balloon. But it can be beneficial in many ways and actually boost productivity.

I find I often drift away during conversations with friends. But it’s not through boredom, it’s just that they’ve made me think of something else.

People-watching is a favourite pastime of mine. Seeing a talented street performer, or watching how a young couple interact with each other on their first date, inspiration is all around us.

There’s nothing like a stroll in the park, whether it be in spring with the daffodils blooming or in the midst of winter when it’s a bitterly cold day, to enhance your daydreams as well as your creativity.

Unfortunately my wandering mind doesn’t stop at night.

How can you drop off to sleep when you’re fantasising you’re a rock star and have just won the final of this year’s X Factor? Or you’ve just done a clear round at Olympia on the horse of your, erm, dreams?

Lastly, daydreaming is the perfect escape on a bad day. As I write this, for instance, it’s been a drizzly, overcast day and my train was delayed by nearly an hour.

Then a thoughtless driver sped past me and I was saturated by water splashed up from a big, muddy puddle.

So I think I’m in need of a well-deserved vacation in la-la land, don’t you?

If you’ve zoned out whilst reading all this, then the chances are you’re a daydreamer too!