I reckon it takes three months and 100 texts to look that good

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So the Hollywood glitterati turned out in their masses on Sunday night, preened to perfection for the 84th annual Academy Awards.

All in attendance looked very well turned out indeed and it always makes me

wonder just how long the stars must take to get ready for an occasion like the


A survey carried out

recently discovered that for the average woman, not an A-list celebrity, it’s not a

matter of minutes or hours spent preparing for a

Saturday night out on the town – but days.

It was revealed that they start planning their weekend look not at 7.30pm on a Saturday night like us blokes, but on a Wednesday!

In fact, such precision and planning typically

requires more than 10 text messages, three e-mails,

five phone calls, eight posts on Facebook and three tweets!

It is a good job that

women are good multi-

taskers, because I really don’t know where they find the time.

So by that maths, I calculate that the average Hollywood star takes three months, not three days, to plan their outfit and it will result in 100 text messages, 12 e-mails, 300 phone calls, 20 Facebook posts and 15 tweets.

Oh and not to forget the five temper tantrums when their lip gloss clashes with their nail varnish.

And that is just the men!

And while we’re on looking good, or bad as the case may be – there is yet another dance craze to hit the nation

The Harlem Shake has everyone from supermodels to cartoon characters getting involved in the action.

In my opinion, this is nothing new.

Because to me it just looks like dad dancing at a wedding disco, but each to their own!