I reckon it was tourists, not steepness, that stopped him

COMMENT: The return of good weather shouldn’t bring dread

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I was interested to read about the man who allegedly drove a 4x4 vehicle up Mount Snowdon in Wales before abandoning it last week.

This made me chortle for several reasons. One was the use of the word allegedly. The picture showed the darn vehicle parked on the mountainside – not much you can allege about that.

The second was that he’d abandoned it before descent. Maybe he gave up amongst the 2,500-plus people who visit the mountain top on a daily basis.

Having recently ascended said peak, I can only assume that used the Llanberis path, wide and gradual enough to be favoured by most walkers. It’s the M25 of the footpaths – so I reckon it wasn’t steepness that stopped his descent, but all the tourists.