I reckon Marty is the spitting image of Frankie Howerd

Marty Wilde
Marty Wilde

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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Marty Wilde was never a huge star when rock music was in its infancy.

But he had a few hit records and fathered the lovely Kim.

He has continued to perform over the years and was foolish enough to begin wearing what looked suspiciously like a toupee many years ago as his quiff began to thin and fade.

I saw him recently on a television programme about the 1950s, and it quickly became apparent that while time and gravity has taken a toll on his face, what I believe to be a wig has retained its unlikely nut-brown lustre.

I kept trying to think who he reminded me of – and the answer arrived with depressing clarity. A minor British pop icon is now the spitting image of Frankie Howerd.