I reckon that Gosport is all set to be THE place to be

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Things seem to be looking up in Gosport. For too long it’s been looked down upon, but in the next few years this is going to change.

Firstly there are the exciting plans for the new leisure centre. Yes, it is about time but I reckon this will eclipse what Fareham has to offer, with fantastic facilities and, of course, the ice rink.

The waterfront proposals sound very exciting. Gosport doesn’t need a dark, smelly old bus station built in the 1960s. It’s an eyesore for visitors arriving off the ferry.

A new facility with shops and restaurants, with stunning views over to Gunwharf and the Spinnaker Tower, will be a real boon to the town.

With many passengers boarding buses farther up the High Street along Creek Road, a smaller bus terminal by a brand spanking new complex would make perfect sense.

Then there is the new development at Alver Village and a big new Tesco. We will be spoilt for choice soon in a town that already boasts a Waitrose, Asda and Morrisons.

As well as this, the new Tesco being built in Fareham will also benefit us Gosportonians too, as the plans for the Quay Street roundabout look like they will ease traffic congestion.

Traffic heading for the M27 will have two lanes to use straight through the existing roundabout and Fareham traffic will filter under the current pavement under another part of the railway viaduct.

So to the bus lane. Will it work? I haven’t been convinced, as you’ll know if you’ve read my past columns.

I’ve even gone as far as to say it will be turned into a road within five years to create an A32 gyratory.

But my mind is changing. Last week I met with some of the team from First Bus who have been heavily involved in the planning along with the council.

So much so that 14 coach-style buses will be introduced. I have it on good authority that these state-of-the-art Volvos will be fitted with leather seats, wood effect flooring and Wi-Fi. We are being spoilt!

With all of these exciting things happening, Gosport is soon going to be THE place to be!