I reckon there are bars that look like scenes from Top Gun

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Rick Jackson

Even at night people were on the beach, lenses peering into the darkness to get a shot of her lit up with the number 71 on her side.

By morning, Stokes Bay was full and I could hear the cash registers of cafes Pebbles and The Bayside Cabin ‘ker-chinging’ from our house.

Lee-on-the-Solent was gridlocked in the afternoon.

As the car park filled on the seafront, the ‘stop’ button was continually pressed at the pelican crossing and traffic tailed back towards Browndown.

It’s the sheer power and size of the ship that impresses us the most. She sums up the things I love so much about America.

Nuclear power has arrived on the shores of the Solent as it takes a lot to keep her going.

At more than 100,000 tonnes and carrying 90 aircraft and 5,000 personnel, she can travel at speeds of over 35mph.

That is incredible – one of the largest ships afloat travelling at the same speed as a hovercraft!

Her arrival has created a real buzz around Portsmouth and Gosport and some have been lucky enough to get a visit aboard.

I bet the atmosphere in town is absolutely electric at the moment

I know of one person who actually got to sit in the captain’s chair.

What does amuse me is how 5,000 sailors, who have been at sea on a dry ship for months, are now on terra firma – and making the most of it.

A flotilla of local boats, including our Gosport ferries, are operating a constant service to the ship, bringing her party-starved crew to land.

I bet the atmosphere in town is absolutely electric at the moment and I reckon there are a few bars that resemble scenes out of Top Gun.

One listener to my radio show phoned in and suggested that we advise the Queen Alexandra Hospital at Cosham to bring in more midwives around Christmas time.

I have absolutely no idea what they’re alluding to...