I saw Beyonce, but someone stole my laptop from work

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I had a slightly bittersweet week last week.

On the bright side I went to see Beyonce in concert at the O2 in London last Thursday with my sisters Jo and Michelle, which was brilliant.

I wasn’t going to go if I’m honest – I’m not really a huge Beyonce fan, but it’s almost impossible these days for my sisters and I to spend any time together, just us.

So I decided that even though I tend to think most of her tracks sound the same, she can put on a damn good show and it would be great to spend some time with them.

The allure of staying up in a hotel and not having to get a train back again also sweetened the deal!

The reason it was bittersweet is because that day my laptop was stolen from work.

It was a Mac Book Pro that Matt brought me three years ago for my birthday and quite literally had my life on there.

I was so mortified – not only because I can’t imagine how someone can look at the contents of that laptop, with all the pics of Matt and me travelling the world (thankfully I have those backed up) and not feel enormously guilty, but secondly because it was worth a fortune – around £2,000 with the software I had on there.

Gutted doesn’t even begin to explain how I felt – and this happened during the day I went to see Beyonce.

I am still mystified by how and why my Mac managed to go walkies, completely unseen. But it did and my household insurance doesn’t cover it either, so as you can imagine I am completely distraught.

What with the very expensive train ticket I bought, and now with a missing Mac, technically I haven’t really earned anything being in London. Just my luck, but hey-ho what can you do?

I had to make a choice – go home and wallow in self-pity or meet my sisters and go see Beyonce. So what did I do? Well of course I went out and let’s just say I ended the night/next morning with a very nasty hangover.

But somehow (and I don’t recommend this as a way of dealing with things, kids) the fizz did numb the pain – just a little.