I see old photos of myself and cringe with embarrassment

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I realised the other day that I must be a fairly easy-going father. My eight-year-old daughter Erin asked if she could get her ears pierced and we said yes.

My wife took her up to Claire’s Accessories, where they did both ears in less than five minutes.

I’d been begging my mum to let me have it done since I was about five and I thought it was the most grown-up thing ever

Lots of girls in my daughter’s class have already got their ears pierced, so I didn’t think it was much of a big deal.

I remember when I turned 21 my best friend arranged for me to have my left ear pierced as a birthday present.

However, after a couple of weeks I decided I didn’t like seeing myself wearing an earring and I took the decision to remove the stud and let the hole close over.

Occasionally I see old photos of myself with my ear stud in and cringe with embarrassment. What was I thinking?

Although I granted my daughter permission for the piercings, I’m not  sure how I would react if Joshua. my son. asked. I think he might get a more boring and conservative response from me.

Lou: I had my ears pierced when I was 11. I’d been begging my mum to let me have it done since I was about five and I thought it was the most grown-up thing ever.

After years of pestering, she finally caved in at the beginning of the summer holidays before I started secondary school.

My dad wasn’t at all happy about it and in the end my mum took me to get it done without him knowing!

Looking back I’m very glad mum made me wait, as it’s actually quite a big decision.

And I can totally appreciate my dad’s apprehension at letting someone put holes in his little girl’s ears.

But aged 11 I was over the moon and after the obligatory six weeks of boring gold studs, I spent the next two or three years changing my earrings on a daily basis.

I’m afraid my passion for sparkly earlobes rather wore off over time and these days I hardly ever wear any earrings.

And as much as the 12-year-old inside me wants to, I don’t think I’ll ever get round to fulfilling my secret desire to get my nose pierced.