I should have got my brain in gear

Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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Last Tuesday, I parked Jemima Jalopy (my motor)in Sussex Road, Southsea.

As I minced off to the shops, over my shoulder I cast a return smile to the three cheeky tree-trimming men in the road.

As it was raining, once round the corner I had a quick feel of my bottie cheeks, to see if damp.

You see, Jemima leaks!

In fact JJ is a bit like me – engine willing, bodywork knackered.

On my return, two hours later, I switched JJ on – and nothing!

I’d left my lights on –aarrggh!

The lovely tree-trimming men phoned Mews Garage and the delightful Rick had JJ running within minutes.

Thank you fellas.

The problem was JJ’s lights-on warning buzzer is just a weak croak, and as I had my ear muffs on I didn’t hear it.

Just another senior moment.