I spent ages parking, then forgot where I’d left my car

Noah and the Whale
Noah and the Whale
Reaching boiling point!

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It’s been a musical week for me, starting with Noah and the Whale at the Wedgewood Rooms in Southsea.

What a great intimate venue that is, especially if you want to feel like you’re walking on piles of cardigans. What is that floor made of? In the gloom I couldn’t figure it out, but it does have the most unfortunate humps.

I prefer to think that I was tripping over items of clothing than bodies, but in that crush anything could have been possible. Women in heels beware.

And what is the parking like around there? The poor people of Southsea must get so cheesed off with visitors trying to squeeze into the smallest of gaps between drives, lines and cars.

I spent 20 minutes manoeuvring, in a Mike Myers (remember Austin Powers?) moment, into a gap which was patently smaller than my ability allowed.

Then, after the gig, as I’d driven down endless interconnecting sideroads and not marked my trail with breadcrumbs, I couldn’t find the damn car again.

Obviously I could have taken the ferry from Gosport and then made my way to Southsea.

But sometimes on a Tuesday evening you have to give in to your inner laziness and go for the easy option of driving. Except in this case it wasn’t.

Noah and the Whale were awesome and, I think, a little surprised by their own popularity. This was evidenced by the look of shock on faces when the crowd sang louder than the band at the end.

Or maybe the surprise was more from the fact they hadn’t been rushed off the stage, as they’re a fine-looking bunch of boys and there was more than one swooning girl standing around.

At the other end of the musical spectrum, I saw Los Pacaminos at Bay House school. Now they have a more, shall we say, rugged appeal.

I reckon Bay House holds more than the Wedgewood Rooms. It was packed with people coming to see local hero Drew Barfield consistently steal the show from the other band members.

Bay House featured a floor you didn’t trip over on, but people were busy skidding in the wet puddles. Aha, maybe that’s why the Wedge has that strange lumpy carpet – to absorb liquid and stick people firmly in their places.