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I’ve been at ITN for the past month making a documentary about Prince Harry as he’s about to turn 30 and will inherit approximately £10m from his late mother Princess Diana’s estate.

I don’t know why I keep getting asked to make royal documentaries.

I think this is my fifth and although I wouldn’t exactly call myself a royalist I do find it fascinating learning about royal tradition and protocols.

What I love about Prince Harry is how down to earth he is, how cheeky and how very un-royal he is.

Perhaps that is because he’s very unlikely to ever be king.

I interviewed some royal experts such as Katie Nichols, Andrew Morton and Diana’s former bodyguard, Ken Wharf.

They all had fascinating stories to tell about their knowledge of and personal experiences with the royal family.

Genuinely, it’s intriguing and although I would absolutely detest to live that kind of life, I do admire how the royal family is redefining and reshaping the monarchy for the 21st century.

Prince Harry, along with his brother William and wife Kate, are absolutely part of that.

Did you know that Harry isn’t actually his real name? It’s Henry.

Am I the only person on the planet who didn’t know that – despite making all these royal programmes?

Moving on...

I was on the way home on the train after another long day when I sneezed.

A man who was sitting in front of me leaped out of his seat, turned around and looked at me with a disturbed face and said: ‘Oh, you poor lady.’

I didn’t know what to think about his comment. After all, I only sneezed.

But after this incident I’ve sneezed a couple of times at ITN and noticed everyone falls about laughing.

I don’t know why my sneeze is so funny, but one of the editors said I sounded like a farmyard animal.

He then asked if I always sneezed like that.

I wasn’t quite sure how to respond.

Have you ever analysed your sneezing habits?

It’s all very surreal and as another person pointed out, ‘very un-royal’ of me.