I think cyclists should have to be insured

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Jemima Jalopy (my motor) and myself were tootling up Arundel Street in Portsmouth the other day. The road ahead was clear, except for one bloke on a bike in the middle.

His hands were off the handlebars and he was weaving all over the road.

He eventually pulled into the left. As we were approaching the pedestrian crossing, I drove slowly and very carefully to get past the cyclist.

As Jemima’s bonnet was level with bloke on bike, he suddenly swung to the right and, seemingly in slow motion, landed on her bonnet.

Aargghh. I slammed on the brakes, beeped my horn and said a few choice words. What a little potty mouth I was.

Fortunately, he was fine. But it was him that had hit me.

Just like us drivers, I reckon all cyclists venturing on to the road should have insurance.