I think I’ll just keep quiet and turn up on the big day

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Should I feel guilty at the lack of help I’ve given my other half Sarah when it comes to the organisation of our big day, which is now just two months away?

I often wonder how involved other men have been in the co-ordinating of their forthcoming nuptials.

Then again, I did make the big decisions. The date, church, venue and honeymoon. I even chose the colour scheme. But it seems that, since then, I’ve left it all up to her.

Thinking about it, would she really want me to stick my oar in when it comes to table decoration, flower arrangements and the colour of the younger bridesmaids’ socks? I don’t think so.

At the age of 10 I dreamed of being a pop star or a footballer. It seems girls have dreams too, but of a perfect wedding day.

So our nuptials and all they entail are a good 20 years in the making! That’s why I’ve taken the view that it’s best not to interfere.

You want an example of why I’ve not got involved?

Well, my one responsibility for the wedding breakfast is to sort out a sound system to play music in the background and microphones for the speeches.

Simple stuff for a radio presenter, you may think. But as I compile my preferred playlist, my perfect job, a list of songs come to mind that ‘should’ be included.

Spare a thought for the poor DJ who will be entertaining us after the wedding breakfast. We have to use the venue’s resident DJ, so there’s no getting out of it for him! Standing there playing to a room full of radio presenters would not be my idea of fun.

But now my other half wants me to ‘advise’ him on what songs to play. Do I stick my nose in when it comes to table plans? No. Have I commented on the typeface for the order of service? No.

Yet she’s having a say on the music. The poor fellow is on to a loser straight away.

‘I don’t want cheesy stuff like Come on Eileen or Don’t You Want Me Baby,’ she says.

‘Not a problem’ I reply, quickly removing 50 ‘banker’ tunes from my set list.

‘But we must have Dancing Queen,’ she adds. I’ve decided to keep my mouth shut and just turn up on time on the big day. Best policy all round!