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Over the years I’ve been dragged along to many a concert to see bands that I’d say are certainly not my cup of tea.

But after Take That reformed as a ‘man band’ with plenty of credibility I felt I would enjoy seeing them at Wembley.

I can never understand the female excitement of seeing male acts though. Why was Sarah, my other half, so excited she couldn’t sleep?

Why was her friend Sue, who came with us, up at 5am cycling around town to try to wear off some of the adrenaline?

If the band were to start their concert at 8:30pm, was it really necessary to leave Gosport at 9:30am to make sure we ‘got there in good time’?

I didn’t leave that early for Pompey’s FA Cup appearances!

The final straw came when a Take That CD was put on as we started the journey. I had to put my foot down.

Sarah and Sue were like kids on Christmas morning. I don’t think I’ve been that excited since I got my first computer back in 1984.

Kev, Sue’s other half, was more excited about going into Wembley Stadium and standing on the pitch. I also found myself getting quite excited by this.

My legs were like jelly as the four-piece played for the first half-an-hour. Then the surprise. I thought 80,000 women were about to spontaneously combust as Robbie Williams hit the stage.

What energy, what songs, what an entertainer. The show changed from a girlie love-in to a rock concert. Robbie swore, letched at dancers and slagged off Oasis.

But he’s now 37 and married. It’s not 2001 Robbie. As they all reunited for the remainder of the gig, you could see how Robbie’s vocals and energy re-invented the new Take That, but at what cost?

Is Robbie’s ego too big for the band? It seemed to me that Gary, Mark, Howard and Jason had come of age. But Robbie still has a big chip on his shoulder.

So, a cracking concert then. And one other bonus of going to a concert of your partner’s choice is that the audience is full of women.

With the average women standing at just 5ft 6in, I had no trouble seeing the stage because I’m 6ft 1!