I took a new path in life - and now it’s an exciting adventure

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An odd coincidence has happened to me over the past three years.

At the same time each year I’ve packed a bag, boarded a Brittany ferry and decamped across the Channel to France.

The first year, on June 27, I was with my then-husband, embarking on a mini-moon two days after our wedding.

Last year, with divorce yet to be finalised, it was with three friends – one of whom had been a bridesmaid.

This year, as I write, I am once again in France, once again at the end of June, once again with friends, and once again one of them had been a bridesmaid of mine.

It’s never planned, to come over on what should be my anniversary.

In fact, this year, had it not been for a reminder e-mail from moonpig, the day would have slipped by without me noticing.

Life is very different now than it was three years ago.

But as I sit in the afternoon sunshine, sipping on a glass of something red, listening to my friends giggling over the ridiculous life ‘guide’ that is The Rules, I know that’s not a bad thing.

Things change, and life goes on.

It’s a cliche, but cliches all have one thing in common – that they’re based in truth.

Possibly, had my life stayed on the path of three years ago, there’d now be one or more little Emmas to terrorise the people of Portsmouth.

But things ended up going in a different direction and now I get to go on holiday when I feel like it and wander off to enjoy myself at events such as the Isle of Wight Festival.

All I have to worry about is who’ll look after my cat (thanks mum and dad).

I also get to spend time with some excellent people – people who can brighten up the day just by producing one of those awful glossy magazines that pretend to have the inside track on which star is sleeping with which dancer/musician/producer and who’s dared to put on a pound or – shock horror – lost a pound too many.

So I want to say thank you to my friends and family for making my new path such fun, such an adventure, and so exciting. Now, pass the vin rouge.