I try to do my best for the little spiders

Spiders can be wriggly little critters
Spiders can be wriggly little critters
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Being a spooky sister, I believe it’s unlucky to kill a spider.

So I pick them up and put them out of the window.

Unfortunately, spiders are wriggly little critters and by the time I’ve faffed about getting them to safety, there’s usually one or two legs left on the window sill. Well at least I don’t kill them!

According to Buddhist beliefs, saving spiders will earn me credits in my afterlife and eventual reincarnation – probably as a spider.

For you squeamish spider haters, do not kill any spiders on Monday when it’s Halloween.

According to myths and superstitions surrounding All Hallows’ Eve, should you spot a spider (real) that night, it may well be one of your dearly departed loved ones – in disguise – returning to visit you.

And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.