I turned up at the studio in a beach top and a bikini

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It’s been a weird old week work-wise. It’s been so lovely because I don’t start back at ITN in London until Monday, so I’ve had a whole week down here – and what a week to choose.

Although I’ve still had to do some work, when you’ve got beautiful blue skies and sunshine it makes the days so much better.

I was filming with Jordan Thompson, a chef from the Italian Bar and Grill, a gorgeous Italian restaurant on Great Southsea Street that I didn’t even know was there.

Jordan is such a lovely young man with so much talent and I contacted him about taking part in one of our filming days because we needed a young and funky chef.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting him, you’ll know why we chose him – he’s a real star and a genuinely warm-hearted individual.

I actually found out about Jordan at Christmas and you may recall I wrote about him then because he was the one who cooked a roast dinner for people living at the homeless shelter in Fratton.

This time we filmed him making a variety of dishes that were the favourites of some of the world’s biggest sports stars.

Bless him, he even wrapped some up and allowed me to take it home.

When I left he gave me a box of Maltesers and a bottle of Prosecco to say thank you. You don’t get that kind of response in London, I can tell you.

Also this week, I was with Clive Jackson Video Productions in Fareham. I’ve worked with Clive on and off for years and he has a fab sound booth, so I go there when I need to record voiceovers.

He loves nothing more than to wind me up – in a nice, uncle kind of way!

Well this week, I gave him more than enough ammunition when I turned up straight from the gym with soaking wet hair and a beach type-top on with a bikini underneath because I was heading off to Southsea to catch some rays.

So I ended up in the voiceover booth with Clive giving me stick the whole time about my inappropriate attire.

I don’t usually go to work dressed like that, but a girl’s got to be ready for some sunshine.