I’ve become a victim of our ‘dumbing down’ culture

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I feel that I’ve let my brain down. For the first time ever, I’ve started to watch Big Brother.

Honestly, I’m so disappointed in myself. I fear I’m succumbing to the ‘dumbing down’ culture that is spreading across our nation and I wish to apologise right now.

In an effort to redress the balance, I’m going to read a book, swallow a dictionary and watch five consecutive episodes of Our Planet to ensure I haven’t completely fried what brain cells I have left.

Am I being over-dramatic? Possibly. After all, I am a self-confessed drama queen.

But I have steadfastly refused to be drawn into the clutches of Big Brother for over a decade.

Well, now I’ve given up and am tuning in. Of course, I blame my partner Matt entirely – there has to be someone to point the finger at and obviously it’s not me.

In the words of kids all over the country, he made me do it! It began by him turning it on ‘in the background’ to tease me.

Then, slowly but surely, the volume was turned up until we were at the point of full-blown watching it with tea and biccies at the ready.

Could it get any worse? Well, you have permission to throw rotten eggs at me if I admit to ever Sky Plus-ing it.

That really would be the height of sadness, wouldn’t it?

I can’t believe how easy it is to sit there in mind-numbing fashion and watch a group of people, none of whom are particularly interesting, just doing, well, nothing.

Yet somehow it fills an hour of my social time every night. I’m left baffled – exactly how did versions of Big Brother end up being shown all over the world?

It’s not really a programme, more a social experiment – not only for the contestants but for the audience at home watching.

Who would have believed that millions of people would willingly glue themselves to the telly just to watch other people they don’t know living in a house together?

The whole thing is absolutely crazy. And now I am just another one to be added to all those who obviously have nothing better to do than watch other people exist.