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Can I start this week’s column by thanking every one of you who sent Matt and me good wishes after we announced last week that we’re getting married next May and have finally booked it.

After 14 years of being together, it actually feels rather nice to now be looking ahead and planning our future as man and wife.

If you missed last week’s column, I revealed that we’re getting wed at St Mary’s Church in Fratton and having our reception at the beautiful Southend Barns near Chichester.

I’d like to thank Phyllis Waterman from Fareham who sent me a beautiful congratulations wedding card. I was really touched at the thought that had obviously gone into sending it to me.

Phyllis, I’d like you to know that such kindness doesn’t go unnoticed. I truly am very grateful, so thank you.

Inside she wrote: ‘I’m so pleased you are going to tie the knot. I never miss reading your column – in fact I look forward to it.’

I try to write honestly and from the heart every week and, in all seriousness, never really think about the fact that people out there are reading it.

If I thought too much about that, then perhaps I might become too conscious of what I say and start censoring myself.

Honestly, where would be the fun in that?

Now I’m not sure if congratulations is the right word to use here, but actor Hugh Grant has reportedly become a dad again.

He’s experienced fatherhood for the third time and, like the first two occasions, he is apparently not with the child’s mother and nor does he have any intentions of being so.

The actor has made his fame and fortune by playing quintessentially British stereotypes – a combination of charming in a Colin Firth kind of way, but also a handsome and slightly rugged ‘geek’.

Perhaps it was this combo that attracted the mothers of his children.

Whilst I don’t condemn anyone who has children with multiple partners – after all these things genuinely can just happen – I do find it a bit bizarre that the two women are understood to have given birth to his sons at similar times.