I’ve danced raunchier than that down at Tiger Tiger!

Rihanna on stage during the Brit Awards
Rihanna on stage during the Brit Awards
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Did you watch The Brit Awards? Wasn’t it fab? I really loved it.

I don’t usually tune in as my sister Jo always records it and, no matter what time of year it is, she’ll put it on to watch.

But after spending the entire day filming on the Isle of Wight, I was absolutely shattered and just wanted to relax with some good old prime-time TV.

It does make me laugh when the national media goes bananas the day after The Brits, dissecting everything and nit-picking.

If you read the reports, it was one of the raunchiest shows ever.

Please! I’ve danced raunchier than that when I’ve been down at Tiger Tiger in Gunwharf.

It does make me laugh when the national media goes bananas the day after The Brits, dissecting everything and nit-picking

If you call Rihanna grinding up against Drake and Perrie Edwards from Little Mix twerking raunchy, then I guess it was.

But I thought presenter Ant McPartlin donning a dress was far raunchier than the others – haha!

I do love Ant and Dec. They’re quite possibly the only TV presenters on the planet that could get away with such cheesy gags and sketches and genuinely make people laugh because of it.

Fair play to Ant for doing one of his links dressed in a voluminous ballgown…I loved it.

It was just what I needed after the kind of day I had across the Solent.

Did you hear that a small plane overturned on the runway at Bembridge airport?

Luckily no-one was seriously hurt, but it certainly added a bit of drama to my visit to the island.

I was over there filming for a production company I’m working for.

I know I say it every time I travel to the Isle of Wight, but it really is gorgeous and it still amazes me how far away from home I feel every time I go.

It’s quite literally a few miles away, separated from Portsmouth by a short stretch of water.

Yet I feel completely segregated from the ‘real world’.

It’s a very odd feeling, but I do love it and I’ve resolved that I will spend a weekend over there this summer.

We should all make the most of such a lovely place on our doorstep.


Khloe Kardashian has come under fire this week because she’s been allegedly touching up photos of herself that show off her newly-svelte figure.

This is a real shame because I think Khloe is probably the most down-to-earth and ‘normal’ Kardashian and I feel disappointed that she’s felt the need to do this.

I think she takes her job as a role model rather seriously, or at least more seriously than her siblings.

So it’s a pity that she’s reportedly retouched images that millions of girls and boys are going to see and then aim for that perfection when it was nothing more than Photoshop.

I love Khloe’s curves and I think it makes her stand out from the rest. She should be proud of her figure, rather than feel the need to conform.


I’ve been busy in the kitchen this week – a sentence I’m not sure I’ve ever said before!

I’ve been trying to adopt the principle of ‘clean eating’, which basically means trying to cut out the rubbish that’s in our everyday lives – processed sugars, unnecessary carbs and fats.

I have to say I’ve enjoyed the process and have made about 10 different dishes, including root vegetable salads (carrots and sweet potato cold in a salad are to die for, honestly).

I also baked sugar-free banana bread (a delightful breakfast alternative) and created a chia seed fruit bowl as another way to kickstart the day.

I’ve liked it all so much I’ve dedicated this week’s vlog to it...