I’ve got a crumby game for you to play at the breakfast table

Inspiration: Madeleine Shaw

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Has anyone ever played the ‘toast crumbs in the butter’ game in the morning?

What happens is you make your two slices of toast in the morning and put the first bit of butter on it.

Then when you put the knife back in the butter to get some more for the second slice, you find you’ve left some toast crumbs on it.

So, you then have to get a third lot of butter on your knife, but you have to get it from the section in the butter where the toast crumbs were left to remove them so the butter is crumb-free again.

If you manage to get all the toast crumbs out with the third butter grab, you win the game.

If you don’t, you lose and you get shouted at by your partner for being messy!

See if you can win it in the morning.

Can anyone tell me why fashion shops like M&S won’t let you try on pants and knickers?

Well I understand why, but what I can’t understand is why they don’t keep spare pairs of ‘trying on’ pants in different sizes so we can check to see if the underwear actually fits us.

I appreciate that we can’t try on clean pants and then hand them back if they don’t fit, but can’t some of these shops just keep some spares handy so we don’t have to fork out on stuff that might not fit? It’s not a lot to ask.

Is there anything more embarrassing in the world than when you go to high five someone and they don’t respond?

You’re just left standing there with one hand in the air and an excited look on your face like a six-year-old about to answer his first question at infant school.

Can we just make it a rule that if someone high fives you, you have to return the gesture. And yes, it did happen to me recently!