I’ve got a drawer full of bras, but there’s not a single 34A

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Hands up those of you who live in the Portsmouth area and wear a size 34A cup bra.

I bet there are not many of you out there, so I’m somewhat perplexed by a recent survey by high street retailer Debenhams that claims us ladies down here wear the smallest-sized bras, whilst the women who live in up north in Liverpool, Wigan and Scotland apparently have the biggest boobs.

Also, Debenhams claims that 63 per cent of us are wearing the wrong-sized bra, whilst 37 per cent have never been measured so have no idea what their correct size is anyway.

I have a drawer full of bras, ranging from a 36E to a more demure 34D. But I’ve never been a 34A. Maybe that’s because of my lifelong passion for Scotch eggs!