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I’ve lived in Portsmouth since the day I was born and think I know the city pretty well.

For example, when traffic is busy on the island I know where the routes are that will help me bypass the jams so I can get to where I want to be without too much delay.

And if someone pulls in next to me in their car and asks for directions, I’m pretty confident that I can tell them where they need to go.

But this doesn’t stop my two-year-old daughter giving me directions or a running commentary in the car.

Sometimes I feel like I’m on one of those open top tour buses for tourists.

Caitlin’s got a speciality – parks.

The ones with slides and swings in. She can spot one a mile off.

We’ll be driving along Queen Street, in Portsea, and she’ll make me aware that we are passing the swing park next to Sarah Robinson House.

Or we’ll be driving through Goldsmith Avenue, in Southsea, and she’ll let me know that we’re approaching Milton Park.

I think I need to teach her the art of subtlety.