I’ve heard of stocking fillers, but a toothbrush? Really?

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Did you get lots of presents for Christmas?

For us there was the usual pile of socks, pants and toiletries that come in handy.

But when I found out what my friend had bought her husband, well even I couldn’t put a silver lining on that one.

I shan’t name her – at the end of the day us girls have to stick together – but the lady in question wrapped up and presented a toothbrush to her beloved.

Yep, I know what you’re thinking.

‘Well, those electric toothbrushes are quite expensive.’

But oh no, this wasn’t a fancy toothbrush. It was a bog standard brush which cost about £2.

I did feel quite sorry for him, I have to say.

I’ve heard of stocking fillers, but a toothbrush? Come on!