I’ve hit 33 and decided to have a mid-life crisis early

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People often say that when you turn 40, you have some sort of mid-life crisis, or at least stop and evaluate your life.

Well I’ve decided to have my crisis early (I never did like to wait).

Last Sunday I turned 33. I can’t believe I’m this age – how did that happen?

I feel old and I’m sorry for those of you older than me who are probably reading this and fuming, but I thought I’d have all my ducks in a row by the time I hit this ripe old age and, quite frankly, I haven’t.

There’s still so much I want to achieve and do.

I thought these things would have been ticked off by 30, but three years later I’m still yearning to achieve more.

Anyway, I celebrated my birthday in style.

It began last Thursday when my hubby Matt took me out for drinks down Gunwharf.

Then we went on to my favourite Chinese in Portsmouth, The Noble House, where I must have eaten my own body weight in Asian cuisine.

On Friday all my family and friends went to Port Solent for drinks and a dance at the Watermark.

Then on Saturday my sister Jo did a fireworks barbecue party, which only ended about 12.30am on Sunday after they’d brought out a cake and sung Happy Birthday to me.

In fact, I tried to leave before midnight, only to be told that simply wasn’t an option and I had to wait.

On Sunday – my actual birthday – I made cupcakes with my niece and nephew in the morning and then went for lunch in Lee-on-the-Solent with my mum.

Finally on Monday, Matt took me to Hayling Island for what was my ‘second birthday’.

We had dinner overlooking the beach and I had yet another cake with candles and another rendition of Happy Birthday.

You know what?

I think he felt guilty for being hung-over on my actual birthday – as I’ve said before, my sister’s ‘barbecues’ are more like full-blown parties.

So all in all I was thoroughly spoilt.

But although I really appreciate that, I’m afraid it still doesn’t make creeping towards 40 any better!