I’ve realised this wedding malarkey has just got real

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It’s been a bit of a wedding frenzy this past week.

It tends to go like that. One minute it will be all manic and I’ll get loads done, then it will be dead quiet for ages.

These past seven days have definitely been crazy!

It all kicked off with a visit to the firm designing our mammoth wedding cake – it’s going to be epic.

We’re also having fondant cake wedding place cards and I was lucky enough to do some more tasting.

Not so good for the diet, but definitely worth every calorie!

Talking of diets, I’m going to need to staple my mouth shut over Christmas because I’ve only gone and bought my wedding dress!

Oh yes, no-one was more surprised than me that the very first wedding dress shopping day was the one where I bought the dress in which I’d be saying ‘I do’.

Would you believe that it was also the first dress I saw when I walked into this particular shop?

It just caught my attention as I walked up the steps of the boutique.

Although it wasn’t the first dress I tried on, I did try on and choose my wedding dress within an hour.

Impressive eh?

My mum, sisters and best friends all came with me and I don’t think any of them would have thought that I, Cheryl Gibbs, would have been capable of such a thing.

It doesn’t even need any alterations or taking in. The dress is perfect, except for one thing.

It’s slightly on the small side – as in half a dress size too small.

It fits, I made sure of that (it’s just been reduced from £1,400 to £700 so I was getting in that dress regardless) and it does look beautiful, but it means I literally can’t put on a pound before the wedding now.

Scrap that, I literally can’t put on half a pound and if I’d like to breathe throughout the big day I’m going to need to shed a few more inches between now and then.

I woke up on Sunday with a pain in my ribs and it wasn’t until I realised why that it dawned me – this wedding malarkey has just got real.

I’ve been to the gym every day since!