I’ve stopped smoking - now I have to quit chocolate

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So, I’ve stopped smoking. I tried the patches, I tried the miracle drug, I tried willpower. None of it worked.

How did I do it then? Well, about two years ago someone lent me a book about stopping. It was hailed as a sure bet by several people who popped up out of the woodwork when I mentioned that I’d borrowed it.

They then bored me to absolute tears with their personal tales of kicking the habit.

It took me a while to bring myself to open the first page, but when I did I sullenly read half the book thinking ‘this’ll never work’. I got to the page which said something along the lines of ‘many people will read about half this book and then put it down for a while.’

The pages overcame me and I did as predicted. I dropped it, glad of the excuse not to finish it and to carry on smoking for a bit longer.

Fast forward two years and I bumped into the book’s owner. Like me, she was outside a building, sneaking a cigarette.

We discussed how neither of us had actually got around to reading the book and how we really should give up smoking, but the pressure of life and all that.

Thankfully she avoided mentioning what a rubbish book returner I am. It’s true, I advise no-one to ever lend me a book unless they have put their name firmly in the front and stamped a return date like a library.

And then they need to start charging me. That’d maybe stoke a fire under my general book-returning apathy.

Anyway, seeing her prodded me into action. I found the book and opened it where I’d left off.

I read the second half in one sitting and haven’t had a cigarette since.

Let me tell you, judge this book by its cover. Alan Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking does exactly what it says it will – give you an easy way. I can’t recommend it enough.

So now I’ve bought his EasyWeigh to Lose Weight and am hoping that it’ll do the next trick, as stopping smoking has seen me gain 10 pounds.

But first I have to work up the enthusiasm to open the book and potentially say goodbye to all that lovely chocolate and cheese.