I wanted to give this lady a hug for doubting I’m over 18

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It’s my birthday tomorrow – boohoo!

I say that because all it means is that I’m getting old.

It’s starting to dawn on me that the years of partying and travelling and being carefree are behind me.

The future is more about stability and responsibility. Yuk!

Anyway, it’s my 32nd birthday and, feeling a little sorry for myself last weekend, I decided to nip up to Cowplain Social Club for a Halloween party.

The lady on the door said to my mum ‘is she over 18 because she doesn’t look it and I need to see some ID’.

Wow, I wanted to break the glass that separated us and hug the woman!

Clearly, this lovely lady needs a visit to the opticians, but I can tell you it made my weekend.