I was keen to impress, but set my coat on fire instead

You know what you feel like when you start a new job and really want to impress everyone?

Friday, 4th March 2016, 6:01 am
Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant

It’s natural to want to make a good impression, right?

Well I’m no different, but I fear that I’ve made the exact opposite impression.

You see, I’ve started working for a local TV production company and we’re making this fab programme for BBC One.

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It’s great for my career and I’m loving the fact it’s not in London – you know I don’t do too well with the commute.

So it’s imperative that I impress these guys and I thought I was doing just that – until I set my coat alight in the office.

The entire place stunk of smoke all day and everyone was, how can I put it, shocked.

What happened was my coat was sprawled out over my chair behind me, so I could sit on something nice and warm rather than a cold seat all day (makes sense, right?).

We put on a little portable fire because in the mornings it’s absolutely freezing in the office. You can see where this is going, can’t you?

So I got up to go to the kitchen to make a cuppa when all of a sudden I heard my boss shout ‘Cheryl, your coat is on fire!’

As I rushed into the office, I saw my panicked boss and the company ‘big boss’ (of course they would be in our office at the exact moment my coat decides to combust).

I tried to put out the flames on my coat before it took the entire building with it. Perhaps I’m exaggerating slightly, but my poor coat is now somewhere in amongst the skip bins at Port Solent – it was an absolute write-off.

So not only am I now coat-less during this rather cold weather, but I have also made a name for myself within the company – and not in a good way.

I was so mortified! This would only ever happen to me and it was made even worse by the fact my boss was really quite shocked by the incident and has kept repeating how grateful she was that I hadn’t been sat in the chair as with my long hair I could have gone up in flames with the coat.


I’m so thrilled for Leonardo DiCaprio.

This week he won his first Oscar, which I reckon was seriously overdue after such a long and varied career in the movie business.

He won the award for his lead role in the hit film Revenant.

Leonardo really had to work for it, though.

He was pretty much mauled by a bear for one of the film’s most striking scenes – the things these actors will do to get that shiny statue!

Well done Leo, it may have taken all these years to be recognised, but you finally got there.

Personally, I think he should have got an Oscar for his role in The Basketball Diaries much earlier in his career.

Now if you haven’t seen it, that is an epic film.


This week I’ve been busy filming in Wales and Yorkshire for this new TV series I’m working on.

We stayed for one night in this beautiful little village called Capel Curig in Conwy, in the Snowdonia National Park.

It truly was stunning, like something out of the film Lord of the Rings.

I picked up the camera operator on the way, a woman I’d never worked with before.

On these shoots you end up telling each other your life stories and I had told her about some of the travelling around the world I’ve done.

But I’m not sure she believed me because I was so impressed by the Welsh landscape.

It really is breathtaking though and I would recommend taking a trip to see it for yourself.